Analysis of Toxic Elements

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What is it?

Analysis of Toxic Elements shows the content of five toxic elements in the examined person's hair.

We mark the amount of 5 toxic elements - arsenic, lead, mercury, aluminum, cadmium.

You will learn what excess quantities of the most important toxic elements are. The elements determined in the study have a very large impact on the proper functioning of your body. Inappropriate amounts in the body can lead to serious metabolic disorders.

Based on the results of Toxic Element Analysis, your doctor can determine the detoxifying activities that are right for you.


What will you get

A report with the results of Toxic Element Analysis consists of one page, which includes diagrams and ratios of tested elements.

The result of Toxic Element Analysis will allow your doctor to better assess your health condition. Thanks to the result, your doctor will be able to arrange the appropriate supplementation program and diet for you to detoxify the body.

When will you receive the results?

Analysis of a hair sample and preparation of the report with results takes up to 30 working days from the moment as we receives a complete order, i.e. a hair sample and e-questionnaire. If any of these elements is missing, this period may be longer.

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