Dietary supplementation


Dietary supplements always played a very important role in medicine, in treatment as well as in prevention and rehabilitation. At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, the development of diagnostic sciences enabled the discovery and classification of biochemically active compounds which are necessary for correct development and functioning of the human body..


In past centuries, avitaminoses were very common. Avitaminoses are diseases caused by deficiencies of vitamins in the body, e.g.:

  • vitamin C deficiency caused scurvy
  • vitamin B1 deficiency – beriberi
  • vitamin B12 deficiency – megaloblastic anaemia
  • vitamin D deficiency – rickets
  • vitamin PP deficiency – pellagra
  • vitamin A deficiency – night blindness, dry eye syndrome
  • vitamin K deficiency – no blood coagulation

Development of nutrition technology

The discovery of these relationships and the development of our civilization enabled the prevention and treatment of these diseases.

With development of civilization, nutrition technology developed (food factories, mass production of ready meals). It has been directed at the increase in the quantity of food; unfortunately, this has reduced the quality of foodstuffs, which have become various nutrients poor. As a result, it has become necessary to take dietary supplements. A new and dynamically developing scientific discipline has originated combining medicine and dietetics.

New compounds of various biochemical origin are constantly being recognized as dietary supplements. Today, we have vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids, antioxidatives, and acidophilic bacteria. Apart from classical building and substrate supplements, various herb extracts with complex compositions have appeared. We have stepped into the area of pharmacognosy, a science which deals with natural materials and their chemical ingredients which have biological properties and can be applied in medicine. We can obtain biologically active substances from plants, which support classical medicinal therapies.

Market of supplements

Apart from requests for the introduction of general regulations concerning the trade with dietary supplements in the European Union, at present we base on the legislations of separate countries, which leave much freedom in practice.

The market of supplements is developing dynamically and has great prospects. Pharmaceutical companies are searching for the best forms of attracting clients. But the best natural supplements are sold only in direct distribution. This has advantages as well as disadvantages.
Advantages include direct consultations with prepared and educated distributors, who are able to present their offer properly and supply their clients with necessary supplements in appropriate time.
It is wrong to take part in a race to economic success, regardless of the cost, and to thrust large amounts of supplements on clients which are supposed to heal all health problems. You should approach such situations with caution and common sense.

You must always remember that dietary supplements are not supposed to treat diseases!


Sometimes, you take greater and greater quantities of supplements, guided by advertisements, a desire to achieve your results faster, or your friends' encouragement. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts. Such behaviour is irresponsible and dangerous. In such situations, adverse effects often occur.

Excessive amounts of supplements can also have disadvantageous effects, just like the deficiency of supplements in the body.

Hypervitaminoses are diseases resulting from excessive amounts of vitamins in the body. They mainly concern vitamins soluble in fats: A, E, D, K.

Below, we present some examples:

  • excess of vitamin A causes decalcification of bones and disorders in kidney functions
  • excess of vitamin D can cause nausea, vomiting, skin itching, eye pains, diarrhoea, increased urinating, excessive sweating, vomiting, and depositing excessive amounts of calcium in soft tissues, the liver, kidneys, lungs, the heart, and blood vessels
  • excess of vitamin E can cause disorders in the digestive system functions and chronic tiredness
  • excess of vitamin B1 manifests itself with heart palpitations and muscle shivers
  • excess of vitamin B2 – arms and legs stiffening, itching, and colics

Drastic disorders caused by hypervitaminoses are rare but some symptoms can often occur after taking multielement preparations. Although the preparation can be of the top quality, our physical and mental condition can deteriorate. This is a result of oversaturating your body with a nutrient.

It is wrong to be convinced that a specific natural multielement preparation is the best and will always be good for you. In such a situation it would be best to stop supplementation for some time or to take the supplement every other day. However, if the symptoms fail to disappear, you certainly have to seek medical advice.

Necessary supplementation

Nowadays, supplementation is necessary due to metabolic disorders occurring in our bodies, which are a consequence of the present food and environmental conditions. Such disorders may not be classified as diseases yet and are only recognized as pathological tendencies; however, they will intensify and lead to diseases with time.

Health awareness is very low nowadays. You seek simple solutions suggested by mass media:

  • for headaches, you take painkillers
  • for problems with joints, you take preparations with glucosamine
  • for problems with the liver, you take preparations with silymarine etc.

This way, you eliminate results of metabolic disorders but you leave the causes intact. You always have to remember that pain is your body's way to show that there are problems.

PThey may have various sources. The dynamic homeostasis system of your body is very efficient. It acts like a buffer and enables your body to adapt to any situation. This means that even if serious disorders occur in some parts of your body, the whole will still function. However, regenerative abilities of your body will finally end. Then, diseases will start, in particular civilisation diseases resulting from chronic disorders.

Learn your body

How to avoid civilisation diseases? First, you should learn your body. There are many ways to achieve that but you should always ask specialists for advice: physicians, nurses, analysts, dieticians, physiotherapists, health prevention specialists, and natural healers.

Biomol-Med suggests Elemental Hair Analysis as a method to assess the nourishment of your body. After such an analysis, we show you a dietary direction and a programme of chronoselective supplementation. The goals of such a programme are as follows:

  1. To determine the characteristics of the patient's metabolic type;
  2. To eliminate possible deficiecies and excesses of micro- and macroelements;
  3. To nourish the body comprehensively.

We aim at reaching a point when each patient, having followed our recommendations, will be in a better condition and also will be able to recognize the needs of his or her body properly and to react accordingly.